Menu for restaurants without contacts

Menu for restaurants without contacts

A clear and attractive menu
Menu for restaurants without contacts, iRestO offers you unprecedented ease and speed to consult and manage your menus. The waiter offers the digital menu to your customers or each of your customers consults the menu from their own phone!
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easy, fast and efficient
Designed to improve communication with your customers, the iRestO menu solution is also accessible from your customers' devices, it saves time and makes it easier to read with simplified and quick management!
Menu translations
Also optimize the relationship with your customers around the world, to make them want and make them less hesitant in their choice of your products thanks to a system of machine translations and / or manual translations
More than a menu
The system includes your menus and has the functions of a showcase site, easily and quickly accessible with an internet connection, economical, ecological and hygienic
Order management
Your customers order themselves or with the waiter, the orders are sent to the kitchen ... This solution is also valid for hotel restaurants
No unpleasant surprises
Real-time information on the status of your products. Be informed about the availability of products thus avoiding a possible disappointment of your customers
Offer your customers the possibility to make an online reservation from the table reservation form dedicated for this purpose
custom design
Particular attention has been paid to the design of the i-RestO menus, each menu is in the image and colors of your restaurant
Technical help and support Each package includes assistance, including my security updates


Lotus-Bar Restaurant testimonial

The Lotus-Bar Guesthouse and Restaurant has been using iResto menu for almost two years and I often wonder how we could have done without? For living tourism traders like us, the main problem is the language barrier. iRestO gave us the solution!

This system translates your internet menu as you wish and it is you who manage your web pages in your language. This is our main concern, but il-RestO doesn’t stop there!

Different very practical options can be added such as direct order taking via web pages, from your table, from your room or depending on configuration! Stock management as well as sending orders to the various kitchen stations, bar, etc. are available.

For customers, the I-Resto interface is very fun and with the photos, everything becomes simple. We strongly recommend this essential working tool in our profession.
P. Engels - LOTUS-BAR

FAQ 1 en

With what type of device?

The choice is varied: iPad, Touch tablets, iPhones, Smartphones, PCs, MACs and Smart TVs (televisions connected to the internet


From all devices connected by wifi, whether in the room, on the terrace, in rooms for hotels and any other place, which makes it an accessible communication tool for all

For how many clients?

The number of customers and tables is unlimited

Custom design?

Yes, Each i-RestO menu is produced by a designer who adapts the visual of the menu, taking inspiration from the restaurant's graphic charter, or from the customer's request.

Menu without photos?

Yes, although it is not recommended. In this case, a sticker of the restaurant's logo replaces the images of the dish.

FAQ 2 en

Order taking system

Yes, optional "taking orders" offers the possibility for your customers to order independently or only by restaurant staff. Orders are sent to all types of connected devices for which they have authorization.

Who can order?

Orders can be taken from every table, every room. Secure access ensures that each order is related to a table, a room.

Menu items sold out?

the i-RestO Menu version "taking orders" includes the display of the number of products available. When ordering, it is not possible to order if there is a shortage of stock

Website ?

Yes, the functions of a "showcase" website are included in the two versions i-RestO menu

Réservation en ligne ?

Yes, it is possible, with an internet connection, to book a table online